Como funciona?

How it works?

Get in touch! The first thing we have to do is to send you the Carrier Lookup API manual, then you can start using our API!
You can use our HLR Number lookup API to get the carrier name of any mobile number or landline located in Brazil.
baixa latência

Really low API latency!

We've made our API using node.js and leveldb, if you heard a bit of these technologies you will know they are extremely fast! The latency average of our API is somewhere between 30ms to 50ms.
base de portabilidad

Uptime 99.99%

Our servers are hosted by Amazon AWS. We have redundand filosofy in all layers (network, application and database). We have built the system to not have any SOPF in our Portability API.

Plans & Pricing

HLR Number lookup API

$ 350
  • 200.000 requests per day
  • 6 million requests per month
$ 1.100
  • unlimit requests
  • dedicated server

Any questions?

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